Making The Perfect Cup Of Cuban Coffee

If you enjoy drinking your cup of coffee in the morning, and you’re looking for something with a little more kick, you may enjoy the full bold taste of Cuban coffee, and all that it has to offer. In order to brew Cuban coffee, an espresso machine is often used. Cuban coffee is like a strong espresso, often served in small cups. However, to brew the coffee just right, the proper espresso machine must be chosen. Here is a background on Cuban coffee, how it is served in that country, and how you can find the best Cuban coffee maker available today.

cuban coffee makerHistory Of Cuban Coffee

Originally introduced by Jose Antonio Gelabert in the mid-18th century, coffee plants thrive in the rich Cuban soil and climate. Although Cuba is not a major supplier of coffee throughout the world, it’s Arabica coffee beans are well known for their full flavor and potency. Today, Cuban coffee is thought to be twice as potent as anything available in the world today, which is why, when you drink it in Cuba, it is served in many different ways.

Cuban Coffee In Cuba

There are a couple different styles of Cuban coffee that are served throughout that country. If you prefer a latte, the Cafe’ con Leche is served with milk, helping people to deal with the strong flavor. For those that appreciate Cuban coffee at full strength, small cups of Coloda would certainly be their first choice. Finally, if a cappuccino is more your style, the Cafecito is served with milk and sugar will definitely not disappoint. In order to make these different styles of Cuban coffee, you need to have a great coffee maker. Let’s look at the different styles of espresso makers that would fit the bill today.

Top Coffee Makers

When making Cuban coffee, there are two ways that it can be prepared. One is on a stovetop, and the other is by using an espresso machine. One of the best stovetop espresso makers available is the Bialetti Moka Express. It is capable of making 12 cups of espresso, all from the convenience of your stovetop. If you would prefer a more modern way of brewing Cuban coffee, the Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine is certainly the right choice. Capable of making for 2 ounce servings for you and a guest, is the perfect espresso maker, especially when it comes to brewing Cuban coffee. Regardless of which coffee maker you use to brew Cuban coffee, you will most certainly understand why this coffee is reported to be so strong, and it may soon become your favorite beverage in the morning to get your day started.

Now that you know how potent and delicious Cuban coffee actually is, you might want to consider brewing some for yourself. Whether you choose to use a stovetop espresso maker, or one that is more modern that brews with high-pressure and steam, the Cuban coffee maker that you choose will help you enjoy one of the finest coffees grown in the world.